Vintage costume jewelry trends from 1992 and how to wear them today

The world of fashion is a constant cycle of trends that come and go. But sometimes elements of past decades can be found in contemporary looks, and that's exactly what makes fashion so fascinating! Today we take a look back at 1992 and discover the vintage costume jewelry trends that are still inspiring today.


The fashion icons of 1992

The year 1992 was characterized by a mixture of glamour, sophistication and a touch of rebellion. Designers like Gianni Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and many others shaped the fashion of this era. Her collections were full of creative energy and produced some of the most iconic accessories that have retained their place in fashion history to this day.


The most important trends of 1992

Chunky link chains



Chunky link necklaces were a must-have in the jewelry boxes of 1992 fashionistas. They added drama to any outfit and were a statement of confidence and style.

GIVENCHY clip-on earrings , MONET necklace, ANNE KLEIN necklace, MONET long necklace, AVON earrings


Colorful crystal stones



Sparkling, colorful crystal stones were an integral part of fashion jewelry in the 90s. They added a playful touch to every look and captured the light in a magical way.

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Lingerie look



The lingerie look was a trend that blurred the lines between underwear and outerwear. Delicate lace, silky fabrics and playful details brought a sensual elegance to the fashion of 1992. The jewelry was romantic pearls combined with heart shapes.

CAROLEE pearl necklace, heart earrings, YSL clip-on earrings, Elizabeth Taylor by AVON bangle, Elizabeth Taylor by AVON clip-on earrings


Marine uniforms



Inspired by the world of naval uniforms, designers such as Claude Montana and Christian Dior incorporated maritime elements into their collections. Classic fabrics in midnight blue, gold buttons and matt gold-colored, elegant jewelry made a fashion statement.

GIVENCHY necklace, GIVENCHY earrings, MONET bangle structured, MONET bangle


Black and white look



The timeless black and white look dominated the catwalks in 1992. Classic, elegant and versatile - this look was perfect for every occasion and is still being reinterpreted to this day. The jewelry is eye-catching, with long crystal chains and large, glittering earrings. Always in combination with pearl necklaces and pearl earrings.

CINER clip-on earrings, black crystal necklace, JKa pearl necklace

Styling ideas for today

But how do we incorporate these vintage trends from 1992 into our wardrobe today?

Here are some styling ideas to embody vintage chic in your look:

Wear a chunky link necklace with a simple t-shirt and jeans to add a dose of glamor to your outfit.

Add a touch of '90s glamor to your evening gown with sparkling crystals and dramatic long clip-on earrings.

Pair a lace bralette under a blazer with layered pearl necklaces and high-quality designer clips with shimmering pearls for a modern lingerie look.

Experiment with nautical elements like stripes and gold buttons in your outfit choices. Combine this with a matt gold-plated necklace and lots of gold-plated bangles.

Go for the timeless black and white look with a chic ensemble of black wide-leg pants and a white blouse or sweatshirt. The elegant touch is provided by high-quality accessories such as glittering crystal necklaces, pearl necklaces and chunky designer ear clips.

The trends of 1992 may be gone, but their influence on fashion has far from faded. By incorporating vintage elements into our looks, we not only pay homage to the past, but also create a distinctive style that is timeless yet modern.

Inspired by 1992 fashion and ready to create your own vintage chic?

Get inspired by the trends of this era and make them your own!

See you next time!

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