Fashion jewelry trend for summer 2024 - Vintage bangles with the original retro chic

The fashion jewelry trends for summer 2024 show a strong return to vintage aesthetics, with a particular focus on original retro-chic bangles.

Vintage bangles are a stylish way to make a fashion statement while adding a touch of nostalgia. They can be combined in many ways and go well with both casual summer outfits and more elegant occasions.


Who was the inventor of seamless metal bangles?

We go back to 1962, when the founders of the fashion jewelry brand MONET invented the seamless metal bangle. Their quality standards were very high, which is why the production of a simple bangle from MONET required 14 work steps. There were also elaborate engravings to provide the surfaces with attractive patterns.

These seamless MONET bangles came in three sizes, which was also made for the first time. Each bangle has been provided with a size label or the size has been engraved on the inner bar.

Monet's gold-plated and rhodium-plated bangles were an immediate sales success in 1962, and remained bestsellers and a multi-million dollar business for decades.


What did TRIFARI bangles look like in the 1960s?

TRIFARI, MONET's biggest competitor in the 1960s, also jumped on this new trend and also made high-quality, seamless bangles in many variations.

TRIFARI also made very beautiful, modernistic-looking bangles with hinges. Form followed function, so these new bangles were designed to fit the wrist and using the hinge opened at the front. The workmanship of TRIFARI bangles was perfect and therefore their fit on the wrist was also perfect.


How long have seamless plastic bangles been around?


Seamless plastic bangles have been around for aboud 100 years. Production became possible with the invention of new materials such as Bakelite, celluloid and later acrylic and thermoplastic. These plastics also allowed the use of intense colors, which in turn led to the most beautiful and colorful designs. Due to their high hardness and durability, the new plastics also became great designer furniture, lamps and very beautiful pieces of costume jewelry.

This old plastic jewelry is now very valuable and collectible. Unusual bangles from the 1930s have already fetched top prices of up to $17,000 at auction.


Why are vintage bangles from SWAROVSKI particularly popular today?


The most classic and popular vintage bangle today is from SWAROVSKI from the 1990s. The simple elegance of a SWAROVSKI bangle studded with crystals impresses everyone. It goes well with an everyday outfit but also with a festive look. And the most important feature of a SWAROVSKI bangle from the 1990s is how easy it is to combine.

Since Swarovski has changed its design significantly in the last two years, the vintage models are in demand again and are currently increasing in value.

How to wear seamless vintage bangles in 2024?

Back then and even today, people like to wear several different bangles. Similar to a charm bracelet, the various bangles are a small collection and memorabilia.

What does 'stacking' mean?

“Stacking” is combining multiple bangles of different sizes and designs. Many different bangles are worn one on top of the other to create an eye-catching look.

How do you determine the right size for bangles and bracelets?

Using a flexible tape measure, measure closely around the wrist and ankle and add 2 cm for bangles.

Example: 16.5 cm measured + 2 cm = results in a bangle size of 18.5

For bangles or bracelets that can be opened, adding 1 cm is sufficient.

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