White costume jewelry from the 1970s

1970 - a new decade begins with the radiant fashion color WHITE

In 1970 a new era began that continues to shape us today. The fashion style changes suddenly from formal, almost strict clothing such as a suit, costume or sheath dress, worn with a hat and matching gloves, to loose-fitting clothing made from airy, non-iron fabrics. The dresses are loose, long and unconventional, the trousers have flares and the hair is long and natural.

The jewelry is eye-catching, not at all well-behaved and symbolizes the new freedom.
Jewelry makers have always loved the color white because white jewelry offers a lot of contrast and is very eye-catching. However, there has never been as much white jewelry as in the 1970s.

The first new MONET collection in spring 1970 presented the “All White Collection”. Many Monet bestsellers are painted white and only have small gold accents. TRIFARI also produces many pieces of jewelry in white. You have the profitable 1960s behind you and many costume jewelry customers who are waiting for something new and daring.

Vintage white jewelry collection from 1970
White costume jewelry collection from 1970

Monet brooch - Monet ball chain - Monet long necklace -Trifari bangles


In 1970, costume jewelry is an important accessory that reflects the stylistic trends of the era. White costume jewelry is particularly popular and is characterized by some characteristic features:


White costume jewelry made from metal alloys often has a white painted surface, but still has gold-plated backs, clasps and accents. Many jewelry pieces are made from white plastic or Lucite. Plastic offers great freedom of experimentation and design. But mother-of-pearl and a lot of white enamel are also used.


The designs are often eye-catching and bold, in keeping with the flamboyant style of the 1970s. Large, geometric shapes, flowers and butterflies are very popular. Floral motifs and natural shapes underline the summery aspect.

Colors and patterns:

While white is the dominant color, the jewelry is often combined with gold or silver accents. Some pieces also have colorful details that complement the white base tone and create a fresh, summery look. Lace-like patterns are particularly defining of the style and appear very light and airy due to the white color.

Popular pieces:

Common pieces of jewelry included large and very long necklaces, often worn as statement pieces. Also wide or many narrow bangles, large ear clips or studs and eye-catching rings.


The white costume jewelry of the 1970s can look both elegant and playful. The "boho chic" style is particularly popular during this time and to this day, as is the retro look, which references earlier decades but with a modern twist.

Influence of Celebrities and Pop Culture:

Celebrities and style icons of the 70s, such as Bianca Jagger and Farrah Fawcett, had a significant influence on the trends. Their influence ensured that costume jewelry in general, and especially in white, became an essential fashion accessory.

Vintage white jewelry collection from 1970
Lace design necklace from 1970

Overall, the summery white costume jewelry of the 1970s reflected the joy of life and experimentation of that decade, characterized by a touch of elegance and a strong connection to nature and freedom.

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