The best 8 care and storage tips for vintage costume jewelry

"We are only temporary guardians of beauty." 

Elizabeth Taylor

If you have found a piece of jewelry in excellent condition, know that a caring previous owner has preserved and protected it for many years. The way you care for your jewelry is crucial to its lasting beauty.

 Hand grabs for vintage jewelry

In order to maintain the good condition of your newly acquired "Vintage Beauty" and to ensure that the small work of art survives for decades to come, you should note the following:

  1. Do not allow moisture to reach your piece of jewelry. Do not submerge it in water, especially if it has rhinestones or pearls on it. Water makes the stones and pearls dull and glossless.
  2. Do not store your jewelry with other jewelry in a single, large compartment.
  3. Wrap the jewelry piece in acid-free tissue paper. To do this, you can use the paper in which we wrapped your piece of jewelry for transport.
  4. Place it in a single layer in a shallow storage box or drawer.
  5. Store your jewelry at a moderate, consistent temperature.
  6. For cleaning, please use a very soft, small cosmetic brush or cotton swab.
  7. To clean metal or rhinestones, dip the cotton swab or cosmetic brush in isopropanol alcohol and gently rotate the brush around all stones and over all metal surfaces. You should definitely leave out beads, plastic stones and polished stones so as not to damage them.
  8. Give the piece of jewelry enough time to dry, at least 15 minutes. Once dry, inspect it and repeat the cleaning steps if necessary.
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